• Woven fabrics
    “Our weaving machines enable us to weave almost any yarn and to produce small and larger quantities as samples.”
  • Multi-layer and 3D-woven fabrics
    “For the production of multi-layer or 3D-woven fabrics, several weaving machines with up to 200 mm of produced width are available at the institute. Profiles of different complexity can be woven with shafts or Jacquard.”
  • Tailored Textiles
    “Load-specific preform design based on tailored textiles using production-oriented design processes.”
  • Specialty fibres
    • reinforcement fibres (carbon, glass, aramide, ceramic, metal)
    • natural reinforcement fibres (flax, bamboo, …)
    • light-guiding fibres (POF)


  • Fabric development and design
  • “We assist in the development of woven profiles and multilayer fabrics. From an overview of the various weaving processes and possibilities, to the creation of the weave and visualization, to the design.”
  • material sampling


  • Dornier rapier weaving machine PTS 4/SOC10 with multi-axial roving insertion
    • Production width: 1920 mm
    • Compatible roving materials: carbon, glass, polyester, aramid,…
    • Insertion of additional multi-axial rovings for cut-out reinforcements
  • Jakob Müller AG NFJK2 weaving machine
    • Production width: up to 200 mm
    • Integrated Jacquard for indvidual roving control
    • Up to 12 shafts for weaving pattern set-up
    • Possibility to weave either from creel or weaving loom